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We are only 900m from Lagoa Azul

Latitude: 23º5'37.52"S 
Longitude: 44º 14'26.93"W

We are the only hotel in the entire region of Lagoa Azul and Parish of Santana. Easy access to beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, small islands, and an unique view of the sunset in all seasons.
The best location for nature lovers.


Blue Lagoon

Between the Comprida, Redonda and Macaco islands, there is an exuberant composition of colors, the green of the surrounding islands, the gold of the stones, the turquoise blue of its waters and the colorful richness of marine life.


Grumixama beach

A 30-minute light trail from the Inn takes you to the   Grumixama, a small sanctuary of white sand and crystal clear water in front of Lagoa Azul. Grumixama is accessed by the path that starts at the edge of Araçá. 


Araçá beach

A beautiful virgin beach, just 400 m, next to the Inn and easily accessed by kayak or by trail. There are stairs and the path is wide open. Praia de Araçá is one of the most beautiful beaches at the Island, with crystal-clear water and completely filled with Atlantic Forest by a 250 m length.

freguesia santana

Freguesia de Santana Beach

Parish of Santana is the name of the small peninsula north of Ilha Grande, where the Retiro is located. It was the first occupied area on the island for coffee, sugar cane and cereal crops, becoming an important settlement in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1843 the Church of Santana was built, close to the beach that today bears the name of Parish of Santana.

About Ilha Grande

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