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Coastal, baptism, beginner or advanced dives
Choose one and be enchanted by the marine life of our Island

Our biggest partner is a marine biologist and has been diving for four decades. His company, located on the west end of Enseada do Bananal, on Jaconema Beach, also has a restaurant and nurseries of Bijupirá fish.


Bananal Bay is characterized by the calm waters of the North Coast of the island and rich in marine biodiversity, with corals, starfish, turtles, several species of fish and, with luck, playful dolphins.


Baptism is the first dive performed by the person. At Nautilus, baptism is carried out near Jaconema Beach and the client  will also have the opportunity to enter one of the nursery's visitation tanks.


The options for more experienced divers are diverse, being the Instructor and client's discretion the best option.


In the vicinity of Nautilus, the diver can discover Laje do Bananal, with its various channels of marine life and also a Shipwrecked Helicopter.

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