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Traveling along the region's trails is like transporting yourself in time along a path already traversed for centuries, unveiling step by step the immeasurable beauties of an ancient and sacred biome. The Atlantic Forest is the second ecosystem with the greatest biodiversity in the world, bringing together the most varied colors and types of leaves and flowers.

Among bromeliads, orchids, bamboos, banana groves, secular fig trees and pompous lianas climbing coconut and palm trees, you will have the chance to see quatis, cotias, marmosets or even capybaras.

Within 20 minutes of the Pousada, you can easily access the neighboring beaches, Araçá, Grumixama or Freguesia de Santana and within 1 hour you can visit Bananal, and in the opposite direction, Japariz, on the way to Saco do Céu. 

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6 trails with lush destinations at your disposal

Exploring the Atlantic Forest, having the sea as your companion almost always, is priceless!

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